Day 1

09:00 Word of welcome

09:15 Opening keynote - Colombia: the Next Big Thing in Solar

Session 1 - Setting the stage

09:30 The electricity market and its dynamics in Colombia

  • Overview of the current electricity matrix in Colombia
  • Forecasts for the prices of electricity per market segment
  • Scarcity prices set for solar PV and their indexation
  • When and where will solar be competitive with other electricity sources?
  • The price for electricity of RE sources for large off-takers

10:00 Solar in Colombia

  • Current installed capacity in Colombia in its different market segments
  • 2018: a key year for Colombia, a regulatory review
  • What drives the growth of PV?
  • Future outlook

10:30 AM break

Session 2 - The driving policies for PV

11:15 The Colombian auction scheme and utility market as of today

  • Existing energy landscape for utility scale projects
  • Outlook for the tender scheme and expected timelines
  • Lessons learned and the pro’s and cons of the auction in the existing market

11:45 Building the case for Distributed Generation

  • Market’s capacity, currently installed and its potential size
  • Latest regulation that will impact the market, CREG 015 and CREG 030

12:15 Lunch break

Session 3 - Regional I and DG track

Regional track

14:00 Panel: Centro

  • Feeding the capital region with Renewable Energy

14:50 Panel: Antioquia

  • New realities in the (renewable) energy landscape and EPM’s role in the midst of it all?
  • Local trends and developments in the PV sector?

Distributed Generation track

14:00 Panel: Reviewing the business case for DG

  • Key market drivers and barriers for PV project development
  • Does PV offer a solution for all market segments?
  • How to draw in external financing for projects?

14:50 Rooftop project workshop: first class projects

  • What are the main points to build a first class project?
  • Common mistakes to avoid and challenges to counter?
  • How to align customer’s interest with a clear business case?

15:40 PM break

Session 4 - Project development 101

16:25 Panel: Global market leader's insight: turning the potential of an emerging market into a success story

  • LCOE decline on a global scale
  • Latin American success and lessons learned in the region
  • Best in class technologies and quality ensuring bankability
  • What is instrumental in Colombia’s Solar Future?

16:55 Panel: A project developers’ tale: reviewing and previewing a changing Colombian energy market

  • How far have projects come under previous policy?
  • What are the major opportunities in the market?
  • Taking position for upcoming auction scheme
  • Lessons learned in developing PV projects in Colombia

17:45 Closing words

18:00 Networking reception