Day 2

09:00 Word of welcome

Session 5 - An engineer’s delight

09:15 Colombia’s electricity infrastructure

  • Assessing the transmission and distribution grids’ readiness for more renewable energy sources
  • Current status of the grid and planned interventions
  • Availability of substation capacity

09:45 RETIE

  • Technical Regulations for Electrical Installations

10:15 AM break

Session 6 - Regional track II and PV beyond the grid

Regional track

11:00 Panel: Costa

  • How to make the region live up to its potential?
  • Impact of La Guajira transmission line project

11:50 Panel: Sur-Occidente

  • Bringing PV into the mix with biomass and co-generation

Non-interconnected zones

11:00 Non-interconnected zones: last mile electrification

  • Government’s push for electrification
  • Trends and numbers of the market segment
  • Mapping out the need for electrification in Colombia

11:50 Panel: Developing solar beyond the grid

  • How to make PV work where the need is the highest?
  • Uncovering the myths and addressing the challenges of off grid electrification?
  • What is needed to accelerate the electrification push in Colombia?

12:45 Lunch break

Session 7 - Financing Forum

14:00 Challenges for financing in a nascent electricity market:

  • Bankability of bilateral PPA’s
  • Is there enough liquidity in local capital market?

14:50 Foreign capital sources, investors’ and financiers’ panel

  • How does the structuring of bilateral PPAs differ from tendered PPAs?
  • Do risks match returns in Colombia?
  • What are the expectations for a secondary PV market?

15:40 PM break

Session 8 - Eyeing the future

16:25 The disruptive power of storage

  • PV and storage, matching the potential
  • Including storage in the strategy for the Colombian grid
  • What business models do exist for storage, peak shaving, Uninterrupted Power Supply, supply and demand matching, frequency control?
  • How to capitalize incentives and the benefits of storage?

17:00 Marketparity: achieving subsidy free solar

  • Reviewing the different forms of subsidy free solar
  • How did other PV markets progress to parity?
  • What global developments will impact the local opportunities?

17:50 Wrap up and closing words

18:00 End of Conference