This workshop on November 19 is an exclusive closed-door event with key public officials and financiers, both local and international. Therefore, only a limited number of seats are available for this day.

Workshop /// Regulatory and Financing Workshop

09:00 Welcome Coffee

09:30 Word of welcome and agenda

09:35 Opening remarks

09:50 Colombia’s Renewable Energy Roadmap

  • Status quo in current energy landscape and government’s commitment
  • Updates on Colombia’s changing regulatory framework for renewable energy
  • Steps taken by government to attract foreign investment in the renewable energy sector
  • Updates on renewable energy tenders and opportunities for foreign investment

10:20 The Electricity Market and the Renewable Energy Regulation - CREG

  • Role and position of CREG
  • Update on existing energy regulation, for distributed and utility scale generation
  • Future outlook for regulatory changes and incentives
  • Scarcity prices set for solar PV and their indexation

10:50 Q&A with both speakers

11:15 Networking coffee break

11:45 The grid and renewables: addressing the elephant in the room

  • Is the electricity network a restriction on future growth of renewable energy in the country?
  • Planned and scheduled interventions in the grid
  • Substation capacity available for PV projects and the permitting processes
  • How does the grid hold up for future auctions and projects already under development?

12:15 Navigating Colombian tax rules for RE projects and their impact on returns

  • Tax benefits for RE projects
  • Accelerated depreciation on RE investments
  • Exemption on import duties

12:45 Networking lunch

13:45 Word of introduction guests

14:00 Risk assessment for PV projects

  • Do returns match risk in the sector?
  • How does Colombia compare to its neighbouring ánd competing countries for PV investments?

14:30 Overview of PV Project Financing in Colombia and Latin America

  • Opportunities for foreign investment in the new investment climate
  • Overview of Colombian banking sector and financial institutions
  • Unlocking capital in Colombia

15:00 Networking tea break

15:30 Introduction of banks by representatives

15:45 Debt market (workshop and discussion)

  • Local finance market and the available liquidity?
  • Prospects for solar PV market, matching capital needs and means
  • Eye on the future: risks & opportunities to look for

16:35 Foreign (equity) financing

  • Investment climate in Colombia
  • Key risks and mitigation instruments for PV investments
  • Eye on the future: risks & opportunities
  • Business cases: comparing projects in LATAM and best practices
  • Key considerations to successfully raise capital

17:30 Closing remarks

17:45 Workshop reception

18:45 Joint Networking Dinner & Pre-Conference dinner

Kick-off networking dinner to meet fellow delegates and explore opportunities with invited local stakeholders and speakers of the conference El Futuro Solar